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Balch House

Through combinations of luck and foresight, the Balch House has survived while the hundreds of homes from the same era have fallen to progress or decay.

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Cabot House

The John Cabot House is a Georgian style mansion built in 1781 during the Revolutionary War, and it was the first brick mansion built in Beverly.

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Hale Farm

John Hale was born in Charlestown, MA in 1636 and came to Beverly to preach when it was still known as the “Bass River Side” of Salem.

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Historic Beverly’s mission is to share Beverly’s history with everyone through our collections which encompass 3 houses, 5 centuries and thousands of stories

Historic Beverly has been preserving and caring for Beverly’s past since 1891 and the 1781 John Cabot House has been our headquarters since 1892, and is home to a collection of nearly a million objects and documents related to Beverly and the North Shore of Massachusetts

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Current Exhibits

Emerging from Salem's Shadow

After the tumultuous years of the second half of the 17th century, filled as they were with political upheaval, Indian wars, and culminating in the witchcraft crises of 1692, the new century must have seemed to local residents like entering a calm port.

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From Revolution to Republic

The tumultuous 40 years between 1775 and 1815 included years of war, epidemics, sacrifice and suffering. But they also saw the excitement of the birth of the new nation, with new opportunities both in politics and business.

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¡Viva la magia! The man behind Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company

Marco the Magi’s production of Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company enchanted audiences of all ages at the Cabot Street Cinema Theatre for over 30 years. This exhibit goes behind the magic to detail the long history of the production while showcasing the extraordinary cast of performers who made the show an institution and the sensation that it was for decades, all right in downtown Beverly! Filled with magic tricks, costumes, and artwork, and a mix of promotional materials, photography, and memorabilia, this exhibit contains some items from the Historic Beverly collection but many of the other items are on loan from cast members of the show. Come relive the experience and take a peek at the magic that happened behind the curtain. ¡Viva la magia! On view through May 10

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Upcoming Events

April 16, 2019

April Vacation Kid’s Drop-in Crafts

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April 19, 2019

Spotlight Talk: Moses Brown Regimental Orders

Moses Brown was a successful Beverly merchant and captain in the Revolutionary War who engaged in several business ventures here...

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April 20, 2019

Old Planter’s Path Walking Tour

To celebrate Earth Day, we join Beverly's Open Space and Recreation Committee to explore the area that was known as the...

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